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How to Write IRB Proposal?



What is an IRB proposal?

Institutional Review Board (IRB) is understood because of the ethics evaluation committee. US necessities every so often govern the contents and factors of an IRB application, whether or not you submit the applying to an ethics board someplace else.

All J-PAL-funded initiatives require to clear IRB evaluation at MIT or cede authority to a different host institution.  The IRB( institutional evaluation board) research proposal could be a description of your find out about diagram and this could be submitted within the required format.

What is Included in the  IRB Proposal?

The IRB lookup thought consists of the lookup hypothesis, find out about background, diagram and methodology, statistics analysis, learn about procedures, additionally important points about the theme population, recruitment, inclusion/exclusion criteria, consent process, benefits, risks, privateness, and confidentiality, compensation, and cost.

It is important to style & your lookup protocol to account for dangers to human subjects. The learn about thought is multiplied through recruitment materials, consent forms, and facts series instruments. After writing your thought and developed the improved materials, the subsequent step is to urge IRB approval.

IRB approval is imperative earlier than you begin conducting research. you will be capable to go to the IRB inspiration submission structure for greater details.

What to submit for IRB approval

UTRMS-IRB online application
Study proposal document
Consent forms (if applicable)
Recruitment materials (if applicable)
Data aggregation instruments (surveys, interview questions )

Other forms or documents utilized with human subjects

Review submissions must include:

UTRMS-IRB continuing review application

Modification submissions must include

  • UTRMS-IRB modification application
  • Revised IRB proposal or other documents impacted by the proposed research modification
    Newly developed documents that support the proposed research modification the forms, templates, and guidance documents are available on the IRB Forms page and Study-specific materials will be provided by the researcher.

Preparing the proposal

This  information is required for preparing the proposal

           1. Research objectives and purpose

Try to add a short purpose or scientific background to the study. don’t add a comprehensive literature review. Make this agreeable to a well-educated layperson.

      2. Procedures of the study

  • Make positive you Submit all the interview guides, survey instruments, and recruitment materials you desire to use and provide translations.
    Try to Describe the consent procedure fully and publish the consent structure precisely as you intend on its use. Waivers or variations of consent might also require extra materials.
  • Once approved, the settlement structure can’t be changed without a correction so it is well worth placing some work into this. you’ll have to use the IRB-stamped form.
  • Data dealing with is a crucial risk of learning about participation. confirm you’ve got good strategies for each physical moreover as digital facts protection, inclusive of storing facts in locked documents and honestly pointing out the timeline and technique for storage of non-public information.
  • Besides, ensure you describe within the assent structure to whom and the way the subject’s data are accessible. The state actually which precise information won’t be shared with others. this can be totally necessary if you propose to put up the learn about data.
  • Deception and debriefing: The IRB will want a close explanation you would like to shop plenty of information from subjects. Some journal referees have rejected papers that they fancy containing unnecessary cunning.
  • If you are doing use dissimulation, the IRB will in all likelihood require that you simply declassify topics then and explain the actuality study’s cause to them.

3. Study participants

  •  Describe exclusion/inclusion criteria and explanation.

Are you working with unsafe populations (children,  pregnant, mentally disabled, or developmentally challenged individuals), and if so, why?
you can’t use more subjects than you originally planned to enroll in unless you submit a reform.

If you’re undecided about the ultimate subject numbers, provide an approximate bound estimate. Remember, there’s no penalty for surveying fewer subjects than stated, but IRBs don’t wish to see approved subjects exceeded.

For an RCT, try and Describe the choice method for treatment and control groups.

  • Risk assessment

give a detailed explanation about all the potential risks for the topics and the way you’re guarding against them.

IRBs will read this very closely and may come up with risks that you simply feel are remote. you will be required to safeguard in your own way against such identified risks.

Any  risks and benefits you identify you wish to say in your consent form

Procedure for consent

Normally, a consent structure is written, signed consent is required from all learn about subjects. Consent float design for lookup involving is more challenging so you ought to seek advice from your IRB on the procedures.

counting on the age of the child ( seven or older) teens have to supply assent to find out about strategies that contain them, although the approach of acquiring assent will differ searching on age.

additionally, mother and father taught to consent to lookup involving their children. If the find out about consists of extra risk, each parent’s consent may want to additionally be required.

MIT requires that lookup involving minors have written consent of a dad or mum and consequently the suitably documented ascent of the minor if the child is already over seven years old.

The requirements for consent have changed  with the addition:

  • “Key information” to be presented at the initial  of the consent form
    New consent elements
  • Changes to waiver criteria and documentation.
    A “broad consent” option is basically used for unspecified future with identifiable data. There are exceptions required for written consent. These could also be important if the written consent procedure prevents subjects from participating in the research.


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How to Write Research proposal Abstract?


What is an Abstract?

A precise is a right mannequin of data of writing that highlights the key factors covered. it offers clarification for the content, the compass of the content. it additionally offers opinions about their content fabric briefly in nature. It gives the starting crack of dawn. Therefore precis the most essential part in the area the fund is required.

The precis helps the thinking when it is disconnected from its elements the reader alongside with his or her crack of dawn of the request and regularly gives the reader their lasting impact. Therefore Some observers determine entirely the abstract. Thus it is the vital attribute inner the proposal.

The precis concept describes the precis of the magnitude of the work. The purpose of the venture is the techniques to be accompanied to get the objectives, and moreover the first sight of the work. The Length of the precis thinking depends upon the tenet which is despatched by way of the capacity of the sponsor. The tenet can be diverse up to from half-page to two pages

Why summary is essential?

Abstract no longer fully assists the reader if they need to learn about a whole article or no longer. it  Helps readers and researchers be aware of key phrases on a subject.

Through the aid of precis assistance, readers apprehend the textual content material with the aid of keyword former to learn about the complete report.

what are the key factors that notion to be included?

Background: This is the best opening sentence or two settings for the extra context.

Aims:  consist of one or two sentences giving the purpose of your unique abstract.

Method(s): add one or two-sentence which nation that what used to be being done.

Results: add One or two sentences that point out the most findings of the project.

Conclusions: right here the One-sentence giving the necessary hassle of the work. As per conclusion, they encompass the questions solutions such as the which means of the result.

Steps for the way to write down a summary for the abstract research proposal?

A concept paper shares the reasoning for the study and research.  it also explains your supposed methods. A summary gathers the understanding inside the proposal. a neat and correct summary shares the high quality and bad ideas about the proposal.

write the Introduction and Problem

A summary consists of all the sections inside the proposal, which includes the introduction, the place you thought to supply some data about the challenge, and why you selected it.

Don’t add certain statistics inside the introduction section. right here you can country your issue. If you find out you can’t center of attention your summary on one problem, your lookup is additionally too lengthy.

Summarize the Background and Focus

A notion apprehend a cause for the project, consequently, the summary additionally has to set up how this challenge completes your need. you will point out how your layout extraordinary from preceding research.

This summarizing data blanketed the literature evaluation element of your paper. You can Includedeep a clarification of the project’s objectives, the research.

Methods and Conclusions

Make a summary consists of applicable statistics about the glide of your project. Try to Explain qualitative, quantitative, or blended measures and nation the rationale.

Add a sentence at the tip of the summary to factor to the conclusion you anticipate to urge from the mission and consequently the implications of the results, which can create a way for the document.

strive and add the summary should be a precis of the material inside the paper, so solely consist of data inside the summary which will additionally show up inside the proper paper.

Follow Proper Formatting

Check your region trend guide. After ending a draft, check your precis to shape perfect format, attempt to write your precis internal 250 words.

If you entire your precis writing approach before then ending the proposal. make sure you overview it as quickly as you’ve got received obtained performed the paper.

strive and Insert a net web page wreck after the internet web page and vicinity the precis there, moreover collectively with the head and volume inner the header.


Helpful pointers for writing a Research Abstract proposal

Try to Read once more or suggest with the intention of the summary in mind.
Use the important section of the summary for the proposal which consists of methods, scope, results, conclusions, and suggestions.
Use the suitable headings and desk of contents as information to writing a summary for your proposal

write a quick hard description returned at what you are abstracting.
summarize your information
Don’t replica sentences directly.
Revise your difficult draft
Correct weaknesses in a corporation
Improve transitions from factor to point
Remove useless information
Make certain it is whole and desirable




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How to Write Technical Proposal?


What is the Technical Proposal?

A technical proposal is a type of report that gives the introduction of your product. It shows the technical important points such as the working of the proposal .it also gives solution for recipient issue and tests out the company’s diagram for execution.  It also supplies the technical small print of the deal.

Types of Technical Proposal & their Significance

A corporation shows the soliciting proposals for a specific project. This public announcement is add regarded as a request for proposals (RFP).

Technical Proposal Guidelines

  1.  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (OR ABSTRACT)  which represents the brief summary of your proposed work. This summary includes less than two pages.
  2.  TABLE OF CONTENTS   which present  the actual content which is present in the proposal
  •  The technical Background provides gives the explanation for the trouble and affords a proposal for the Reason. This explanation is required and beneficial for the proposal.
  •  Explanation of the Scheduled Work provides technical scheduled work. it gives the statistics the idea about the work.
  • This area shows the area of sections and subsections.
  1.  Theory
  2.  Previous Experimental Results
  3.  Theoretical Modeling of Experimental Results
  4.  Implications of Work Completed to Date
  5.  Identification of Critical Needs
  6. Technical Approach

 Objectives of the project

Statement of the Work

  •   Project Tasks shows the particular tasks that need to be implemented in order to achieve the particular goal which is listed in the task list.
  • Try to give the number of points as Task 1, Task 2, etc. also add sub-tasks (if any) numbered Task 1.1, Task 1.2, etc. Provide a detailed description of each task and subtask.
  •  Project Schedule List contains the schedule for completion of each task. it also gives inclusive project completion. A chart shows the description of the scheduled work.
  •   predefined  Costs show the costs engaging with each task and for ultimate project completion which is Includes for all labor involvement (including benefits – assume 33%) with any equipment or supply costs. An overall overhead charge (assume 49.5%) will also be included on all labor and supply costs, as well as equipment under $5000.


  •   Project Team,  Key Personnel Identify team management structure,  list qualifications, and relevant experience of key team members.
  • Equipment and Facilities is the suitability of the equipment to be used and purchased in carrying out this project.
  • It shows a clear indication of the existing capability. it also gives clarification about what needs to be constructed /purchased to complete the project.

Benefit Of the Proposed Work

This section represents the benefits of undertaking the proposed work. These can also include economic, environmental, societal, or any other benefits that could have an impact at any level that would help justify the time. it also shows the expense of carrying out this project.

Anticipated  Environmental  Impact Of  Proposed Work

This area consists of the recognization of any feasibly destructive environmental impact springing up from the completion of this work. Also, Common objects may be the use of hazardous chemical compounds that require subsequent disposal.

If there are no adverse impacts, then an easy assertion of that truth will be ample for this section.





This Technical proposal/ contract states the terms and conditions that govern the contractual agreement between the company having its principal place of business at [COMPANY ADDRESS] (the “Company”). The  [INVENTOR] (the “Inventor”) who agrees to be bound by this Contract/proposal.

here the Inventor has conceived [PRODUCT] which is a [DESCRIBE PRODUCT] (the “Product”) and the Company has agreed to [EXTENT OF COMMITMENT] according to the terms and conditions herein.

So here, In consideration of the mutual undertake and promises made by the parties hereto, the Company and the Inventor  covenant and agree as follows:


Technical details of the Product are connected here as Exhibit A.


The Company agrees to perform all duties which are explained on the page attached hereto as Exhibit B.


In consideration for the rights communicate herein, the Company agrees to pay the Inventor [AMOUNT] to be paid on or before [DATE].


The Parties agree that the Company will hold all property rights in the Product.  this is not limited to copyright and trademark rights.

The Inventor decides not to claim any such ownership in the cognitive property innate in the Product at any time after the execution of this Contract.


No modification can be done unless in writing and agreed upon by both Parties.


This explanation of its terms shall be governed by and clarify in accordance with the laws of the State of [STATE]. This subject to the exclusive authority of the federal and state courts located in [COUNTY], [STATE].

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties has assigned this Contract. so here both Parties by its duly sanction officer, as of the day and year set forth below.


_________________________________ _____________

[NAME], [TITLE]                                        DATE


_________________________________ ______________

[NAME]                                                         DATE





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How to Write Photography Proposal?

what is a photography proposal?

Photography Proposal helps the photographer to show off their skills. This helped to approach the customer in a good way.  Editorial jobs for magazines and newspapers regularly method photographers with a reasonable budget.

Wedding and portrait photographers’ works different than regular photographer’s. This photography proposal will help the photographer with how much he or she can pay for the particular type of photography.

Steps for How to Write Photography Proposal

Here the proposal divided into three sections: assignment description, utilization rights, and fees.

Step 1. Collect the records from the client

here are the following questions you can ask the client. -:

1.    How many pictures will you need?
2.   Which location do you want for a shoot or where is the shoot takes place?
3.   What is the idea of photography?
4.   Who will grant Art direction?
5.    who is your stylist?
6.    If needed, who will retouch?
7.    What is the Deadline for the Finished Photographs?

After gathering this information, write a goal description. so right here you can check if the goal is on right track or not. This will truly assist you from getting requested with the resource of the customer to shoot greater images than you, in the beginning, agreed to, etc.

Step 2-:  Rights

The second area shows the description of particular usage of the images. you can ask the client about the location and time. so they  Will used on the net solely or in any different area (add campaign)? If they use for countrywide Ad campaigns then the charges will be higher than the electronic mail blast promotion.

After a lot of discussions, you can ask them for the different time lengths of the rights. so to their scene of the pictures for the size of the purchase of the rights with full buyout options. if they choose for an increase of five years they can renegotiate with you at that time.

foot quote and BlinkBid are the Best functions that assist for the rate comparison. It normally errors on the immoderate side, consequently, this is the initial factor if you are new in the photographs field.

Step 3. Content of the proposal

The content of the proposal must include this thing in the proposal following are-:

1. Your photographer day rate
2. Post-production improving time
3. Digital technician or picture assistant fees
4.  Equipment rental
5. Usage charges

Photography proposal template

Cover Letter

Hi [Client.FirstName],

It used to be as soon as excellent meeting you and thank you for wondering about [Sender. Company] for your picture needs. I’m certain sufficient that I can grant exactly what you are looking for inner your budget.

This is a particular image represents an alternative and pricing. If you have any questions, you can contact me anytime.


[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]




Photography Portfolio

You can count on professional behavior and results from me. I have been a professional photographer for [Number of years] years and proper right. here I will provide you highest-quality photographs.

I’m passionate about my work with client’s pride. you can check clients’ reviews of previous work on my website.  I will strive to furnish my magnificent photographs to you.

Project Description

[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] is required for high-quality professional photographs of [Event] on [Event date]. Per our discussion, we have agreed upon the following:

  1. [Sender.FirstName] will show at [Event] at [Event time].
  2. [Sender.FirstName] is anticipated to stay at [Event] for [Number of hours].
  3. [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] has additionally  requested the following particular  images:

Available Services

[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] has the following services available for this [Event]. Please choose or select all that apply:

High-Resolution  digital photographs can be delivered to you via the following:

Photo delivery method

High-Resolution  digital photographs can be delivered in the following formats:

Photo format

The following post-production services are available:

Color adjusting –

Cropping  –

Photo retouching  –

Cost and Fees

For the above-mentioned project, the following rates will be such as-:

Hourly rate: [Fee] per hour.

A non-refundable retainer: The [Retainer amount] due to  [Retainer date].

Name                                                        Price                                 QTY                  Subtotal
Hourly Rate
Per Mile, if 20 km outside of []

Travel: [Travel fee] per km if ahead than 20  km  from [your place]

Photo Delivery: If you’re comfortable with delivery via hard disk, drive, DVD, or any other physical delivery method. Please enquire about costs for physical delivery methods.

 Billing and Payment

The non-refundable retainer [Retainer amount] is due to [Retainer date].

The full billing volume for this task  [Number of days] commercial enterprise days following [Event]. A bill will be despatched upon completion of this project. Here is a particular cost:

Subtotal   -:

Total     -:

Terms and Agreement

The terms of this agreement may be changed upon the attention and agreement of both [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] and [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName].

The signature of both parties below shows the acceptance of this proposal.




[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]




[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]

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How to Write Grant Proposal?


What is Grant Proposal?

A Grant Proposal is the type of document is used for a precise organization or funding agency.  The goal is to set off the reviewers to assist you with support.  The furnish approach includes a task summary, cowl letter, and problem statement.

What is the reason for a provide proposal?

The Grant writing process develops a sharper focal factor on the duties. This is totally required to succeed. it additionally offers writing gives for non-profit managers. This improved threat to beautify perseverance.

What is basically a Grant proposal include??

Grant proposal thought notion consists of detailed information about the environment.  it additionally consists of dissenting voices through a special viewpoint.   you explain why you prefer to be modified and what concerns you have brought what inflicting the situation.

It consists of altering the structure of your commercial enterprise business enterprise. it also adds expert trade and method of your task.

Try to be part of your crew of employees members, board members, the dialog with contributors, Major donors, and grantmakers. celebrating your success with them and getting to be conscious of the failure.

The writing manner of a supply proposal consists of the following stages:

Proposal summary

The grant proposal involves two or three paragraphs with a short description. This description contains two or three paragraphs.  Avoid Long descriptions about the corporation or project. This shows the synopsis of your project.

Overview of your enterprise or organization

This is the second part of the Grant concept which contains the biography of necessary staff, organization record, success memories of the organization goals, and philosophy. These Major things help you the selecting the agency.

The concept of this section consist of Client recommendations, letters of thanks, remarks from clients, and the accepted public. Make certain you additionally encompass all legitimate enterprise certifications (ISO or Quality Certifications), licenses, and enterprise and guarantee insurance plan details.

You wish to particular that your enterprise organization or organization enterprise has the overall performance of every execution thing of view on the other hand, in addition, meets all legal, safety, and high-quality obligations.

so here you can additionally wish to furnish integrity statements to showcase that you can meet your financial commitments to your crew of humans and contractors.

Problem statement

In the problem, it gives them all explanation and how the reply will be implemented. You need a complete look-up on the archives of the whole element problem. test why your preceding alternatives have been carried out and doubtlessly failed.

Project objectives

project objectives behave the best role for the small print of the preferred consequence and how success will be measured. This part presents data about the Grantee, community, government, or consumer’s advantages for their investment.

Key Performance Indicators defined with particular measurements precise and when they will be taken (dates) how they will be measured and in opposition to what baselines will the outcomes be taken.

Project design

The project, plan consists of precise topics like Skills desired for success, more facilities, transport, and informed choices. it also described measures for success, Good assignment administration willpower, and strategy with targeted requirements specified. The man or lady obligations task Goal will keep a suited middle of interest on tasks, deliverables, and consequences

Project evaluation

It Covers product and method evaluation. It moreover consists of the time wished for distinction and who will do the evaluation which consists of the special skills or merchandise wished and the rate of the evaluation section of the project.

The Evaluation desires to have entry and exit requirements and is uniquely focused on scope matters to do it truly is why this strategy is very expensive. All out-of-scope evaluation matters to do choose to be precise as this part can besides troubles separate budget-wise. secure assignment administration strength of mind and strategies will preserve the right focal factor on contrast obligations and results.

Future funding

This location of Grant proposal is for funding requirements that increased than the project. The whole cost of possession consists of ongoing maintenance, business, as usual, operational support. you may additionally require to communicative the projected ongoing expenses for at least five years.

perfect rate model that consists of all factors which consist of inflation, professional skills, ongoing training, viable future growth, decommissioning fees when the challenge or the product reaches the cease of life.

Project budget

Does the venture price range consist of how a whole lot of cash is required to be invested to supply the results? Provide a specific justification for all charges along with a desk of offerings or provider catalog. also, the attempt to the product provided can be used to genuinely and precisely specify the services.

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How to Write Freelance Proposal?


What is the Freelance proposal?

a Freelance proposal states that you analyze the potential clients’ ask and needs. it states your important and relevant skills and helps to outlines your plan. here all the work depends on only one person so here is necessary to write a summary of the project proposal.

What is Exactly Freelance work?

freelance work is one where a person works only for themselves rather than for a company. basically, freelancers do take any contract work for companies and organizations. They are truly self-employed people. Freelancers are not states  as “employees” they are work and are referred to as  “contractors.”

What should a proposal tell the client?

A good proposal shows the services that will be provided professionally and completely. It should give the client a feeling that you will provide a high-quality product. This feeling will definitely give the chance to charge higher rates for the work to be done and the future work also.

In the freelance proposal your offer must show that:

  • Needs, goals, and ideas of the customer.
  • Offer the customer the best possible alternative with the best quality.
  • Consider all wishes and ideas from the company or client.

Mandatory information in a proposal:

  1.  name, freelance/business name, address, and logo
  2.  potential client’s name and address
  3. Client number, proposal number, and date
  4. Detailed subject line
  5. Scope of services / Description
  6. Estimate with net price
  7. Taxes / Discounts (if applicable)
  8. The total amount of the estimate

Optional additional information:

  1. Timeframe
  2. Personal recommendations
  3. Pitch on why to pick you
  4. Conditions (payment methods, rush/late fees, confidentiality, copyright, etc.)

Tips for How to Write a Freelance Proposal

  1. Analyze the project description and get to know  about the client

When you start your proposal, the initial step is to have to pay a lot of attention to the client’s view. Try to analyze how the project is explained because without an understanding of the project needs you can’t write the proposal.

The job description will help you describe the style of your proposal to present in front of a client.  If a project is explained using the correct manner, professional vocabulary, you can answer accordingly to this.

The project description shows the company you could be working with. it also checks the background of your own and gets to know all the information about the client and his work. Find out the details, this will get the client’s attention and ultimately improve your chances.

  1. Be aware of your own strengths

Before you start your proposal show your client about your previous work ex. If you are a game developer show him that you have done similar game development before or show them you are interested in this work.

List those strengths that suitable for the project.  list the things you’re good at and prove it. Include examples like how you manage your work in any situation.

  1. work on your strength

Try to pay the attention of the reader and show them you are perfect for the job. Use your strength for your work. Make sure you are not deviating too much from the style of the project description.

  1. Be specific

It is important to add specific details about your previous and upcoming work as well as your vision of the project. Be specific about your steps you plan to do to accomplish the Task and enlist the timeline.

This will help to convince a client that you have thought carefully about the project and explain how exactly it can be done. Depending on your personal preferences of the project, you can choose a price tag as well.

  1. Be professional and friendly

  • Many freelancers need to improve their customer service and professional manners. “Dear steve smith ” will always sound better than “Hi.” “Thank you for taking the time to read my application” is the best closing line. You can make your proposal more professional and smart with a friendly closing, like “Best regards,” or “Kind wishes.”
  • Test everything until you find what works for you. The initial months as a freelancer are not easy and you should expect some tough times. But,   your consistency and approach towards your results will definitely help  you to get better at it every day.

General tips for writing your proposal

  • Make sure with correct Spelling and proofreading. Keep in mind that not every time  non-human spell checkers are not correct. Do it yourself; don’t depend on the autocorrect.
  • Ask clients about their choice for digital or printed proposals.
  • If the client wants  a printed version, use high-quality paper for the proposal, and make sure it looks great.
  • Create your own template.  Use a template for all your offers to make future creations simpler. It also helps you stay more organized and keep your brand consistent.
  • Follow up with the potential client also follow-up email or phone .let they know you are happy to discuss anything they required.
  • Be nice and professional With the proposal. your goal is to provide important information to the client.  the proposal is key to making a good first impression.


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How to Write Course proposal template?


Introduction of course proposal?

The course proposal is to provide catalog information along with the course’s purpose, content outline,  learning outcomes, and methods for assessing student learning. A course proposal is a communication tool. It is also referred to as a Data entry Mechanism as well as a Historical document.

Purpose of the Course Proposal

The course proposal thus has a dual purpose:

(1) To provide accurate and up-to-date course information for the College Catalog so that students can understand what they might expect to learn from the course

(2) To provide an outline of the course requirements for any instructor who will be designing and teaching the course.

Checklist for course proposal

  • Checks all the fields whether it is completed or not. make sure you select “yes” or “no” for this option.
  • Make sure this course is a hybrid course.  Check modality and their parts. If it is offered in both modalities, Try to be clear about this in the proposal.
  • Check the course is repeatable or not?  If yes then explain how are the iterations different? here the “Repeatable” states that a student can take a different iteration of the course for credit.

How are the student learning outcomes (SLOs) written?

  • The Learning outcomes include specific, measurable, and observable skills that the students can implement by the end of the course.
  • The learning outcomes sometimes start with the sentence such as “By the end of the course, the students will be able to…”. It should include apprehension-based action verbs such as analyze, organize, synthesize, formulate, identify, evaluate, demonstrate, calculate, develop, etc.
  • make sure your sample references or other explanations of readings are listed.
  • check the syllabus is exactly the same as mentioned in the online form.  Try to add a link for the syllabus in the Template.
  • Check the supplemental forms been uploaded or not? Each proposal needs two supplemental documents. check whether these two forms are available or not.  a First is a syllabus and the signature form. make sure you verify that that concurrence information has been filled out).
  • What qualifications for training and experience are required to teach this course? add all minimum qualification criteria and eligibility criteria with a percentage for the course.

Course Proposal Template

Course description

Add a brief description of the course content. Try as short as 1-2 sentences in the catalog.

Course objectives

A  Detailed Description of topics and subtopics should be covered in the course description.

The format of the section is flexible. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) particular statements of observable and measurable knowledge that the students will have used by the end of the class.

It is beneficial for this section to start with “By the end of the course, the students will be able to…”. after that they make a list of what will students achieve at the end of the course.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

This course is designed so that students will be able to:

  1. Implement the knowledge of curriculum theories and theorists.
  2. Divide between multiple curriculum traditions.
  3. Evaluate issues at the convergence of curriculum and diversity.
  4. Implement unintentional curriculum theorizing and leading.
  5. Create curriculum inquiry results using technology such as review, report, essay.

Course Outline Template

A course outline should include the following sections:

  1. Course Name, Number, Credits, and Description
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Instructors Name, Contact Info, and Bio
  4. Course Schedule
  5. Learning Outcomes
  6. Content Breakdown by Session
  7. Instructional Methods Used
  8. Course Evaluation Process, Policies, and Grading Scale
  9. Classroom Rules
  10. Course Materials

Basic Course Information

Course Name, Number, Credits, and Description

Try to Avoid using irrelevant names that do not clearly indicate the course content.

Choose a simple name that delivers the depth of the subject that will be taught. Assigning course numbers (a 3-4 letter code or number) will show the bright students the level of the course.

A course description is an essential part of the course outline. The course description required to show what will be covered in the course. also how this course learning assessment will be solved by the students.


According to the course level (advanced/medium) provide a prerequisite for the course proposal.  This provides that students have a basic level of knowledge of the topic before completing the more advanced course.

Instructors Name, Contact Info, and Bio

Provide the name of the instructor with their contact information, website,  biographical information. The bio should include qualifications related to the subject. also, add the instructor’s degrees and professional qualifications.

Course Schedule

Include the dates, times, and location of the course sessions. Also,  if the class cancels or rescheduled due to a holiday or due to some reason then give them special parking instructions for this process.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are the goals of the course.  sometimes it is the learning outcomes that help a student to identify if the course will meet their needs.

For example, “Students will learn to…” statements can not be guaranteed as learning is highly variable based on student effort. Instead, start outcome statements with “Students will receive instruction on…” or “Students will be introduced to…”.

Content Breakdown by Session

The course content Breakdown session shows the course outline is a session-by-session breakdown of the topics or course content covered.  List the dates of the sessions or refer to each session with sentences such as “week one” or “day one”.

Instructional Methods Used

Enlist the types of learning styles mention in the course through the instructional methods used. example lecture only, lecture and group work, a mixture of online study and in-class work, etc.

Course Participation and Evaluation Guidelines

Course Evaluation Process, Policies, and Grading Scale

Students will be interested in how their learning will be helped through tests, assignments, projects, etc. List the different verification tools to be used with the percent of the final grade they represent.

Include exam writing policies such as whether exams can be taken at a later date with a doctor’s note or whether late assignments will be accepted.

Classroom Rules  of Conduct Expectations

Course materials include:

  • Required and Optional Texts
  • Readings both pre-readings and course readings
  • Supplies and equipment needed

A very well-written course outline can be help for the marketing tool.  A good course outline can also help record course structure for future offerings.

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How to Write Upwork Proposal?

What is essentially upwork?

Upwork could be a large marketplace for freelancers in fields like writing, graphic design, and internet development. This website helps professionals realize projects, communicate with clients, and obtain paid. Upwork connects to new still as practiced freelancers, businessmen of all sizes, and agencies for his or her hiring needs.

What is the aim of the Upwork proposal?

The goal of the Upwork proposal and profile is to urge purchasers on the phone to debate their projects. They write their  Upwork proposal to convert the consumer to pay to figure with them.  Your proposal is your 1st interaction with a crucial client. So through this best Upwork proposal, you’ll be able to get the chance to introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, and show the consumer why you’re the most effective candidate for the contract

Steps for How To  write a proposal on Upwork

  1. Restate their core problem.

This section explains the core downside. during this when initiating “Hello!” you’ll be able to ingeminate the client problem to them victimization their own words.

  1. Tell them you can help solve their problem in the right way.

Tell them you’ll be able to facilitate solve their downside within the right way. This section helps you thereforelve|to unravel|to resolve} issues incorrectly way.  The secret’s that the consumer is trying to find somebody to assist with a haul they’re having. they need a quick solution. By telling them you would like to help them so this can be the proper thanks to starting. you’re providing solutions to them this is the sole factor they want

  1. to explain why you’re an ideal appropriate for them

Explain to them your expertise, your education relating to their work.  you’ll be able to conjointly state your worth even though you don’t have relevant experience from this field still making an attempt to influence them.  how you can facilitate them together with your skillset. Through this, you can show them why you’re good for them.

  1. Describe the method of steerage

This section describes the method of steerage for individual freelancers for his or her upwork proposal.  betting on however specific the necessities were within the job posting, you may pay anyplace from two sentences to 2 paragraphs explaining the trail you will guide them down. provide them a brief video into the process that you simply are aiming to walk them through. Through this process, you’ll be able to guide them in a very good way.

  1. Attachments

This section describes the method of steerage for individual freelancers for his or her upwork proposal.  betting on however specific the necessities were within the job posting. you may pay anyplace from two sentences to 2 paragraphs.

explaining the trail you will guide them down. provide them a brief video into the process that you simply are aiming to walk them through. Through this process, you’ll be able to guide them in a very good way.


Using the valuation templates for proposals on Upwork has multiple blessings, and therefore the biggest of all advantages is for purchasers who are with a restricted budget in order that they afford their project.  alternative advantages as follows-:

  1. Clarity concerning cost reduces the danger of being unpaid out fully because the consumer simply agrees on partial payments.
  2. Remove sensible to own needs that otherwise might are included.
  3. Clients become aware that if you’ve got a lot of demands which means it needed more worth.
  4. Better analysis of the whole requirement of purchasers as you’re estimating in little parts.Increase in client’s confidence to figure with you owing to price transparency

Upwork Proposal Sample

Finally, here is the  Upwork proposal sample.


Thanks for sharing your ……. demand here on Upwork and that I am going to be terribly happy to assist you. Let Pine Tree State share with you my experience with ………… at the side of ……………….. For the past ten years, I actually have been operating in ………… on with…………… for my clients. Here are the samples I’d wish to share with you.

Example1. -: I actually have been the lead developer to develop practicality one and functionality a pair of.

Example 2 -: I have integrated ……….. victimization ………. and so forth you’ll be able to conjointly see my Upwork profile for feedback for several ………… development work. Coming back to your demand … I will begin your project as shortly as potential and appearance forward to operating with you.




  1. This is the second Upwork proposal for sales and marketing.


Thanks for posting your sales and promoting demand here in Upwork Marketplace and that I am terribly happy to assist you. Let Pine Tree State share with you concerning my experience with Google and Facebook Ads to drive business in …….. niche.

I do PPC ads for my weblog  ……….. and even have a conversion quantitative relation of shut to……… from Google Ad click to a lead after we provide a lead magnet within the type of…………………here for a few of my clients, the conversion has been higher than ……… well. I improved the conversion for shopper … from …… to …..  by dynamically the landing page copy beside the ad copy. Here you’ll be able to check my Upwork profile for Feedback on lead generation with Google and Facebook Ads.

Now coming back to your requirement.

I can start your project as soon as possible and look forward to working with you.




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How to Write Sale Proposal?

What is a sales proposal?

A sales proposal is a kind of report used by way of character or an enterprise to develop their offerings or products to conceivable consumers and customers. Sales proposals can be used via income teams, consultants, agencies. This is beneficial for these human beings who are searching to attain their income goal and their offering.


Best sales thought will assist you to gain the following outcomes:

It indicates that a man or woman deeply knows the wishes of your prospect. It demonstrates that an individual has deeply realized their desires based totally on your preceding consultations or their request for a thought (RFP).
A sale suggestion satisfies a person’s prospect satisfactory answer accessible to them. An exquisite thought will make a connection with your potential faces with the gain of your offer.
It helps them to take action. It offers expectation to the man or woman the self-belief that they want applicable data to make their decision. This consists of readability round budget, deliverables, steps that can be used for in addition process.


Sales concept examples and template


There are Two Main kinds of income proposal:

Solicited sales  proposal

A solicited sales proposal suggestion is used when you are sending inspiration after speaking to your prospect or receiving an idea request.

Unsolicited income proposal

unsolicited sales proposals are used when your prospect is now not expecting. If you are now not assured about your expectations in the unsolicited proposals, you can use the templates to extend your probabilities of whether or not your thought is solicited or not.


How to write your income concept in easy steps

Step 1:  Understanding the area with their problems.

In the sales  proposal, You will  get the answers in one of two ways:

request for proposal

conversations with the prospect throughout your lead qualification conversations

Some different associated questions you have to reply to in this step are:

Who is the decision-maker
explain selection makers’ roles?
What is the larger impact of fixing this trouble for your prospect?
is there any detailed structure of the answer they searching for?

Step 2: Descend  into deeper research


This section is all about amassing the facts your prospect additionally offers about details. This consists of distinct key factors such as:

Recent information about their funding rounds or sizeable hires
The content material they are sharing on social media
Conversations they are having on social media
Interviews they show up for the press and new hires
Conferences and alternate indicates they attend
Active Online groups.

Step 3: List the content of your Sales proposal


The sale idea will encompass most or all of these constructing blocks:

Title or the front page
About us (company background)
Challenges and goals/outcomes
Proposed options (one or a few products/services)
Timeline with key dates
Case studies
Client testimonials
Next steps (solution selection, house for signature, and date)

Step 4: Outline and draft your sales  proposal


Write the listing of your building blocks into the sub-headers for your proposal’s primary section. After making a draft of the textual content for every one of them, drawing from your research and the request for proposal. make positive your notion is lengthy as two or three pages. consist of solely required records in the proposal. This will assist you to get a concept of how you are imparting the thought to in shape into your prospect’s life.


Step 5: Edit and proofread.


You can use these factors to revise your income proposal:


Order your pricing from excessive to low
Replace complicated statements
Use Shorten sentences
Make an observation on areas at any place possible.
Use a compatible  tone of voice in the total proposal
Use order of sections that make feel and flows naturally

Through these steps you can  make sure your income inspiration is professional, handy to read, and error-free:

Use a device such as Hemingway so you can take a look at whether or not it is overloaded with passive voice and hard-to-read sentences
Run it thru a checker like Grammarly for grammar errors and different mistakes.

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How to Write Partnership Proposal?


What is a Business Proposal?

A business partnership proposal is a type of document that shows a venture between one person and the other prospective partner. It also states that the goal is to edges of the collaboration to convert the partner firm of its potential.

The Advantages of Business Partnerships

More responsibility
Wider Scope of data and experience
Bigger Investments
Higher Standards
Better Sense of Cooperation

How to produce a Business Partnership Proposal

These are the key points that help you to write the best partnership proposal. The steps are as follows-:

Step 1: Do Your analysis

Try to find out related corporations engaged with your business. These corporations have the supply your business higher market exposure and visibility which is unbelievable.

You can learn more about the corporate by analyzing its history, employees, and business performance over the past years.

The more you recognize about the business and the additional insights you get lots of importance to square on top of the competition. This shows the decent sign that you are concerning your work.

Step 2: make a case for however Your Values in a very specific type

when the two businessmen are not compatible with each other then It is a chance for you to prove that your will skills and technologies for the success.  This can help for the future partnership setup.

Step 3: Concentrate on the Worth of Proposition

Partnership proposals square measure totally different than Sales Letters. This letter trying to focus on your company’s capabilities and achievements. It shows about to contribute to the partnership that no different business will.

In each operating relationship, expectations square measure set by each party. This helps to secure that those concerned square measure able to have the benefit of the arrangement. it’s an important matter that troubles any wise capitalist.

Step 4: Discuss however the Partnership can Conclude

Partnership proposals give grantee  for corporations that concern the worst for the venture. it’s for each business partnership to need to figure it out for the long run, or a minimum of drawing itself to a cordial finish.

operating relationships like these typically come back to an in-depth thanks to multiple internal or external factors.

This includes social problems that square measure tough to resolve, together with market changes that result in effectively low ROIs. Thus, the proposal should au courant date however the partnership can dissolve underneath sure difficulties so as to safeguard the proper and resources of all parties.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Business Partnership Proposal as follows-


Do write for your audience.

Potential partners square measure perpetually planning to be uncertain concerning the thought of collaborating with different businesses. Partnerships square measure essentially to be an efficient means within which each party could have the benefit.

If you would like to convert somebody to speculate in one thing trustworthy show what you’ll wake the table.  It will be approached throughout a verbal discussion then make a case for in a very written proposal.

make sure that what you’re proposing offers will be a right away resolution to their issues. typically What works for one consumer might not work for one more consumer, thus do some analysis before creating a move.

To arrange to go 50/50.

Many people can warn you concerning the difficulty of going equal. it’s a tricky call to form, given however you’re golf shot a great deal at stake once you finally enter the Partnership Contract.

A 50/50 partnership would provide probability to each party to require a choice in each task of their company.

The success of the corporate ought to conjointly come back as a priority for each partner, thus if each parties square measure equally loyal to the present goal, thus here the  50/50 partnership might be your best choice.

Do prioritize your business goals.

Just because you’re writing to impress your audience doesn’t mean you’ll ignore the goals of your business. the aim of the complete partnership is to assist your business to expand to different markets.

The primary objective of the proposal is to grant necessary partners a reason to try to do business with you. which means searching for an organization that encourages your goals and culture so as to develop a relationship suited for the long haul.


Don’t partner with somebody you don’t recognize.

It’s a nasty plan to partner with somebody you don’t recognize or have not worked with relations and friends thought to be inside the limit if necessary. confine mind that admixture business together with your personal relationships will typically result in emotional arguments that square measure tough to repair.

It conjointly makes it tough for you to form selections in concern that your partner may take things in person. Unless you have got already worked with the person on a past project, solely then must you take into account a  partnership.

A healthy operating relationship comes from your ability to create a robust foundation that each party could develop along.

Don’t be too bold.

Make sure your business partner isn’t larger than you as a result of it’s terrific to expertise once your partner’s business is greater than you.  There’s a fine line between aiming high and claiming the tough.

Thus, you have got to require your company’s resources into consideration before partnering with a business that’s confined to expect additional from you.

Don’t create it wordy.

Quality over quantity—always. Your browsers won’t have the time to read the extended proposals.  They solely need to require what’s necessary from it before deciding what to try to do.

a wise approach and informative outline of what you would like to propose. try and add what your audience would need to browse and find from your proposal.

Don’t turn out associate degree unclear output.

It’s challenging to convey your thoughts and ideas to a possible partner, as you wish to find out a way to target your audience directly by telling them what they need to listen to.

thus here you don’t need to grant them an excessive amount of data, the proposal ought to be specific and redrafting enough to grant somebody a reason to trust you and your Business Plans.

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