How to Write Commercial Cleaning Proposal?


Steps to how to write cleaning proposal effectively

Step 1: Don’t give an explanation for them All About The Cleaning

Many contractors make the mistake of sending vital customers undertaking estimates focusing on the fee tag and pointless information. if you obtained as away as sending your workable new client a cleansing offerings estimate, then they have confidence that you have the perfect tools and substances and that your workforce is professional in this.

basically, the common character doesn’t care about industrial cleaning. so Make positive you spotlight the matters that make you stand out to get the imaginative and prescient excited to rent your team.

Step 2:  Tell them why you are distinctive from others?

As lengthy as you recognize that ‘the first-class isn’t a tremendous way to make yourself stand out, we can go on to greater special traits you can spotlight for potential customers. Make certain you are you have greater special features than others that will thru quite a number of techniques in your enterprise that additionally have an impact on patron satisfaction.

Try to determine the low charge for your provider due to the fact it is really useful to clients even though if this is the first time they have employed a cleansing organization so right here you may additionally want to provide an explanation for how you make it a top location to work.

Try to use a special approach for gaining a trendy of quality.
Make positive you select progressive technological know-how for your service. This helps the cleansing employer would have an impact on their choice to employ one employer over another, and I suppose most of the proprietors stated YES to this.

Step 3: Analyze consumer requirement

Before working on the industrial cleansing procedure strive to analyze what the customer certainly wants? What are the client’s everyday challenges with cleanliness? How a lot of time did they require for the precise service?  What insurance policies associated with cleanliness aren’t working? This all hassle solved through the contractor so each and every customer requires a contractor.

So right here strive to fill the hole by proving that you have taken the time to check their wants which you will work to fulfill via your cleansing services.

Step 4:  Explain The Scope Of Services

Try to consist of all small print as an awful lot as possible. Make positive you charged solely those offerings which are truly blanketed in your proposal. Try to provide an explanation to the patron what the carrier consists of and what the obstacles are.

For instance, they may have requested a Door cleansing provider alongside different offerings for the alleviation rooms, however, asking you to additionally take care of workspaces is out of the question. In a massive organization, the effect of a fresh, easy area should enhance crew morale, end results in fewer ailing days, or even expand productivity.

In a smaller organization, the effect should be extra without delay on to one person, such as the administrative group of workers accountable for making sure the house makes a top and clean first effect on customers who come into the office.

Step 5: Proofread and Check

The provider notion is an enterprise document. Make certain you don’t create blunders such as spelling, grammar, and typos. Also, make positive Your notion desires to be professionally written and no be counted how convincing it is on the whole. Try to keep away from blunders and typos.

Commercial cleaning proposal Template


At [Sender. Company]
 we are experts who understand the importance of a clean environment this is the reason we do all the scrubbing, dusting, and polishing so you and your employees can focus on the tasks at hand. In case you need us on-site during office hours or when everyone has left for the day, you can rest certain your workplace is receiving the utmost attention to detail.
This was founded on the principle of warm, friendly, and efficient service. Our staff knows how to get the job done, and we sometimes exceed the expectations of our clients. We offer a variety of services that we believe will fully meet your needs, and no office is too big or small for our expert and experienced staff.
We look progressing to a partnership with [Client. Company] and keeping your office clean, beautiful, and spotless every day.
[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]


What to Expect

[Sender. Company] will operate the following workplace cleansing offerings for [Client. Company]: dusting, washing, and sharpening of all surfaces; vacuuming of carpets and cleansing of non-carpeted flooring; cleansing of all home equipment as nicely as bathrooms, and meals training areas; trash series and removal.

All labor,  supervision, materials, as properly as tools required to function these tasks will be furnished by using [Sender. Company] at the approval of [Client.Company]  .

The phrases of this contract shall start [Start. Date] and proceed until the termination of this agreement. [Client. Company] has sole accountability for ending this contract and growing or lowering the scope of work, and will notify [Sender. Company] of any adjustments inside [Time Period].

Frequency of Services

[Client. Company] will set the time and date upon which [Sender. Company] will provide cleaning services:

Day of Service Service Hours
Monday From [Start Time] to [End Time]
Tuesday From [Start Time] to [End Time]
Wednesday From [Start Time] to [End Time]
Thursday From [Start Time] to [End Time]
Friday  From [Start Time] to [End Time]
Saturday From [Weekend Start Time] to [Weekend End Time]
Sunday From [Weekend Start Time] to [Weekend End Time]

Cleaning services will be accomplished at the offices of [Client. Company] as follows  :

[Street Number]
[Street Name]
[ZIP Code]


Supply List

Product   purpose                 Product name
Cleaning solution Washing windows, surface areas
Polishing solution Applied to specific surfaces, such as wood
Vacuum Cleaning floors, furniture
Mop and cleaning solution Cleaning non-carpeted floors
Plastic bags Collecting refuse such as trash, recycling, composting

Our Guarantee

[Sender. Company] is completely licensed, bonded, to furnish expert workplace cleansing services. Documentation is on hand to rely upon consumer requests.

If [Client. Company] finds any of our offerings to be unsatisfactory, then you can contact [Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName] within 24 hours and your problems will be decreased at no extra cost. If a disputation can’t be solved between [Client. Company] and [Sender. Company], each event agrees to enter into negotiation in the State of [State Arbitration].

[Sender. Company] consent to take a look at all vacations of [Client. Company] and operate all offerings all through the consent upon days and times.

It is the coverage of [Sender. Company] that our crew of cleaners will now not devour in your office, use any of your facilities, reply phones, or supply get admission to backyard site visitors and no longer doing any misbehavior or Communication between our staff,

and [Client. Company] employees, if cleansing offerings are required time for the duration of enterprise hours, so they will be restricted so as no longer to distract [Client. Company] ‘s workers.


The prices quoted depend upon the length of the office.. Cleaning services will be performed on a month-to-month basis, with payment due at the beginning of each month.

Type of Service                                 Price                                                    QTY                           Subtotal
Cleaning Fee/day
Supplies Used/Day
Cleaning products
Cleaning supplies

Agreement of Service

By signing below, [Client. Company] and [Sender. Company] has the same opinion to all provisions narrate in this proposal. The patron has [Time Period] to cancel this settlement at no money. If the customer designates to cancel after [Time Period], all repayments need to be made upon termination.




[Sender.FirstName] [Sender.LastName]




[Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName]